Dienstag, Juli 5

flea market


Melinda Por, Oriana Tundo und Natalja Romine are selling vintage clothing, bags and shoes.

Be there or be square!


A big Istanbul lover with a strong appreciation for Swiss culture, Meryem Yalcinöz was born and raised in Zurich and has also lived in Istanbul. While living in Zurich, she earned a degree in Banking and Business Economics. After gaining seven years of experience in Banking and Marketing, she decided to move to Istanbul for a year for work and fell in love with this amazing city. Meryem would always pride herself on being up to date on the latest trends and activities going on in Turkey. Over the years, she shared a lot of her insider knowledge about Turkey with many of her friends and decided that she wanted to share this with others. That is when myracle.ch was created. Now, Meryem arranges eventful trips for travelers going to some of the most popular destinations in Turkey such as Istanbul and Cesme.